I first recognized the Lee Keyser strength, commitment, dedication and "can do" attitude when Lee Keyser first started his business several years ago.  The established firm I had been using did not care about me, nor my needs or their lack of service. 
Lee Keyser and his teams quickly surpassed my every needs and desires.  The previous team withered and did not service yet Lee's teams went way beyond my every desire and quickly grew.  Key in all of this, Lee now has every yard on my cultic-sac simply because of word of mouth, his caring attitude, what is it he can do for the client and doing his best possible service the first and every time.  Lee and his teams are the best, do their best each and every week and maintain the best quality working relationship with the customer -- so needed in today's environment.
Simply stated, if any issue should ever arise, I simply discuss with Lee and complete rectification is done immediately.  To Lee, the customer is his livelihood and his most important asset.
Lee and his teams do all my lawn associated work -- grass cutting, leaf blowing, fertilizer and lime applications,  aeration, seeding, hedge trimming, treatments, tree care, removal, ice and snow removals, etc..  Simply stated, Lee and his teams will find the time to quickly solve your needs.
If you want the best, then contact Mr. Lee Keyser.  You will not go wrong. 
Thank you.
Charles W. Glover
Colonel and Senior Supervisor.

I have been extremely satisfied for the past 8 years with  the work done on  my  Crosspoint  corner property  by Perfect Cut Lawn Service  .This  outstanding  ground keeping  company owned by the very dynamic Mr Keyser  has never been delinquent or disappointing in the weekly manicure of my quite large yard. Mr Keyser personally oversees the cut and care throughout the year to include very prompt snow removal should the need arise. I recommend this company without reservation. Last year I asked for a small sign to advise people   that Perfect Cut takes  care of my area because many  local residents ring the doorbell to inquire and admire my yard.  I rate this service at least 5 star!

JLB/Crosspoint Fairfax Station Va

My wife and I have been using Perfect Cut Lawn Care for almost two years, and we couldn’t be happier.  Lee Keyser and his staff provide excellent service for a very fair price, and they have really improved our property.  There’s nothing better than coming back home and seeing their work and knowing “Our lawn looks great!”


Lee has taken care of my yard work for  (how many years has it been, Lee… ten, fifteen ??) years.  He and his crew are courteous and professional in all they do.  When I request additional work, such as trimming bushes or spreading mulch, even trimming tree branches, I appreciate how they respond quickly and proficiently.  One spring, I  mentioned to Lee that there were invasive weeds aggressively taking over the grounds beneath my hedges.  Within a few days, he and his son were here to clear the weeds. Soon after, they put down weed barrier.  I am very happy with the services of Perfect Cut Lawn care and have often recommended them to friends and neighbors.

Lyn M, Fairfax Station

"Lee Keyser takes care of my lawn as though it was his own.  I've had several landscape companies previously but Perfect Cut cuts and edges with great care, and removes all trimmings.  I first heard about Lee from our Homeowners' Association and I'm glad I took their recommendation.  He'd be truly perfect if he would just become an Eagles' fan."


"I first hired Perfect Cut Lawn Care to design and professionally landscape my front yard.  It is a large and sloping yard on a cul de sac that just did not make the property look good and was difficult to care for.  I also only had a modest budget.  Lee Keyser, the proprietor, sat down with us and asked us what our preferences were and then designed a few different options for us. The resulting landscaping job that included built in terraces and tastefully appointed  new flowers, bushes and trees was within budget, and made our entire front and side areas look well thought-out and really attractive.   We still get compliments from neighbors, visitors and passers-by.  We were so pleased with the quality, timeliness and value of the work that we soon asked Perfect Cut to maintain our outside areas throughout the year.  They save me time and hassle, work within my budget, and do a much better job than I could ever do on my own.  Perfect Cut Lawncare personnel are prompt, efficient, and courteous.  We have been approached by other companies but have been so impressed by Perfect Cut that we wouldn't think of changing services.  I fully recommend that you talk to Lee Keyser for your landscaping plans, mowing and other lawn maintenance needs."

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